71% of Americans are overweight and 1 out of 3 are obese.  The trend continues each year and increases by a staggering amount.  A forward looking company can actually gain a significant advantage over their competitors by simply slowing that pace among their own employees. By reversing the trend, the competitive advantage becomes significant to the point of becoming exponential. In a world of shrinking profitability, gains of this nature have a significant, positive impact on the bottom line. One that cannot be ignored.

Over 71% of Americans are Overweight

39.8% are Obese

Kate Corbin
Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist

Discover what Corporate Wellness can do for your company.

The facts...

  • Studies of worksite health promotion programs showed an average $3.50 to $1 savings –to- cost ratio in health care costs in reduced absenteeism. Read More>

  • An overweight employee costs their employer an additional $3,830 per year. Two out of three are overweight. Read more>

  • An obese employee costs their employer an additional $8,067 per year. One out of three employees is obese. Read More>

  • Employer Healthcare costs rise an average of 12% per year. American Heart Assn. estimates heart disease costs alone will triple by 2030. Read More >

Their loss is your gain

As your employees lose weight, not only do they benefit from improved health and longevity, but your company will see dramatic drops in absenteeism and equally dramatic increases in productivity. Health care costs will drop and morale will soar. By positioning yourself as a “company that cares,” you develop long-term company loyalty and a corporate culture that will lead to your company being considered a “workplace of choice.” 

All excellent reasons to choose corporate wellness as a mission-critical strategy to grow your business.

So, what’s the bottom line?

You’ll find profit in loss - weight loss. Each year, American businesses lose over an estimated $450 billion in revenue directly attributable to obesity in their employees. This figure reflects only absenteeism, lowered productivity and increased health care and associated costs. The effects on morale and corporate culture cannot be fully appreciated in these figures. The investment you make as a company in the wellness of your employees pays dividends far beyond the net gains in your balance sheet and ultimately the bottom line.

Smart Money chooses a Win/Win/Win

Reducing absenteeism, increasing productivity, boosting company morale and loyalty, decreasing health risks, minimizing workers’ comp and short-term disability, all the while reducing overall medical costs is more that a Win/Win/Win situation. It’s just good business. 

The benefits of internal and external support groups are beyond estimation.  The gains in company morale and loyalty work to secure the future of your company. And it all makes financial sense than you can actually see on the bottom line.

Contact us today to begin calculating the gains you’ll make by implementing a corporate wellness program. It’s time to get healthy – both physically ... and fiscally.


“Our employees were excited about being able to have Transformations come onsite for an information Lunch and Learn. Our Wellness division has received nothing less than positive feedback based on their personal experiences.”

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