Featured in Healthy Living Magazine: March 2019

Transforming A Picky Eater

Bridgette Graham, 26, of Leesburg, has struggled with weight most of her life. She has tried diets with prepackaged foods but she detested the taste and tried exercising at the gym without any luck

At 223 pounds and a bride-to-be in December, she decided to go to the Clermont clinic of Transformations Medical Weight Loss, because it was doctor-monitored based on bloodwork and features a personally tailored weight-loss plan and coaching.

“I was skeptical,” Bridgette admits of her first visit. However, she was pleased the program featured real foods - a balanced diet of dairy, fruits, vegetables, carbs, and lean meats.

“It’s not a diet, per se, it’s a lifestyle,” she says. “And what I really love about this program, because I am the pickiest eater that you can ever imagine, is that they teach you how to eat and make lifestyle changes that you can live with.”

Bridgette lost 12 pounds in her first month. “And over the course of six months, I have lost 64 pounds,” she says, adding she was on four long vacations during this time and still kept the weight off.

“They really care about you here,” Bridgette says of the Transformations staff. “And they always ask about my wedding plans.”


lost 64 pounds!