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Over the last 25 years our weight loss programs have helped thousands of people reach their weight loss goals with a well balanced approach that's simple, safe and effective.


The food used throughout our program is readily available in any grocery store.

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Medical Weight Loss means Physicians, Nurses, and Certified Weight Loss Coaches provide straightforward guidance designed to help you stay on track and reach your weight loss goals.


Providing You Transformations’ Exclusive Line of Effective Weight Loss & Health Products.
As a Patient, You Receive a Lifetime Maintenance Program in Weight Loss

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Three great products, one great price!

Bundle includes:

  • 1 large bottle of M.E. Free (124 Count)
  • 1 large bottle of Carb Inhibitor (120 Count)
  • 1 large bottle of M.E. X-Celerator. (84 Count)
  • Free Shipping

Purchased individually:   $175.00
Bundle price:   $131.25
You save:     $43.75

The Bundle Breakdown:


  • Extremely Effective in promoting the healthy loss of excess body fat
  • Improves vitality
  • Helps maintain lean body mass
  • Weight Management
  • Suppresses the appetite
  • Boosts the metabolism
  • Burns more calories
  • Provides higher levels of energy

Carb Inhibitor:

For Individuals who:

  • Have excess body fat
  • A slow metabolism
  • Carbohydrate sensitivity (converts carbohydrates into fat easily)
  • are overeating (special occasions, anniversary, vacation, cruise, etc.)

M.E. X-celerator:

For individuals who:

  • Have reached a plateau in weight loss
  • Have a slow metabolism
  • Want to increase weight loss results
  • Take Metabolic Enhancer or Metabolic Enhancer “Free”
  • Take hCG and/or Appetite Suppressant

Purchased individually:   $175.00
Bundle Price:   $131.25
A savings of:     $43.75


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Make a Change

Schedule your weight loss consultation today!

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Real Results:  This Transformations patient lost 104 lbs on our program, and he did it without starving himself or spending countless hours in the gym.


About Us

  • Your Trusted Weight Loss Brand, Where the Only Thing That Exceeds Weight Loss is Customer Service
  • Over 25 Years of Shedding Pounds & Changing Lives
  • A Proven Program with Real People, Real Results
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  • Serving You with Transformations’ Exclusive Certified Weight Loss Coaches
  • Providing You Transformations’ Exclusive Line of Effective Weight Loss & Health Products
  • As a Patient, You Receive the Only Lifetime Maintenance Program in Weight Loss
  • All Prices & Information Given to You over the Phone - No Gimmicks, No Surprises

Our Weight Loss Program

  • Our program uses only real, healthy foods that can be found at your local grocery store. "Real Food=Real Results=Discovering a Fantastic Eating-Habit Lifestyle"

Your Initial Appointment

Your startup cost is a one time fee which includes the following:

  • Comprehensive Lab Work
  • Physician Visit Approval
  • Comprehensive Consultation with a Transformations Certified Weight Loss Coach & Your Diet Plan Protocol
  • Two Week's Supply of Weight Loss Supplements and/or Prescribed Medications
  • New Patient Packet with Dietary Guidelines
  • Free Lifetime Membership & Maintenance with No Restart Fee Ever

Follow up Visits

*Your weekly fee will include the following:  

  • Your Program, Diet, and Progress Review
  • Weekly Supply of Weight-Loss Supplements and/or Prescribed Medications

"*Remember, your 2nd week's supply is included in your Start-up Package"