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  • 1 whole grain tortilla *
  • 1 egg scrambled **
  • 1 slice fat free cheese
  • 1 tbsp Salsa
  • 1 dash of hot sauce (more if you like it HOT!)

1 fruit, ½ dairy & 1 carb per serving


  1. Scramble eggs on medium heat in a nonstick pan, using 5 squirts of butter spray.
  2. Take the scrambled egg and place it in the center of a warmed tortilla.
  3. Top with the cheese and hot sauce, if desired, and then roll it.
  4. Top it with the salsa.

Whole grain products provide the body with the trace elements it needs to utilize carbohydrates effectively. The body also burns approximately ¼ of the calories involved just to break down a whole grain product. Therefore, a piece of whole grain bread is approved to contain 120 calories and 0-1 gram of fat. The label must say whole grain, not wheat flour, rye flour, etc.

** Limit of two eggs each week.