Transformations Medical Weight Loss - Daily Wellness Bundle

Bundle Includes:
1 Bottle of Calcium Lactate 650 mg: (30 Count)
1 Bottle of Chromium: (100 Count)
1 Bottle of Multi-Vitamin and Mineral: (60 Count)

Purchased individually: $30.00
Single Purchase Bundle Price:   $27.00
Subscription Price: $25.00

The Bundle Breakdown:

Calcium Lactate 650 mg:
In combination with a healthy diet, this is a dietary supplement that maintains the strength of bones and teeth as well as being vital to the maintenance of regular heartbeat.

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Chromium Polynicotinate:
Weight Loss Functions:

  • Maintains proper blood sugars levels

  • Reduces sugar cravings

  • Lowers cholesterol

Chromium Uses:

  • Essential for diabetics as it improves glucose tolerance

  • Chromium assists in weight loss by helping build muscle at the expense of fat mass

  • Used to retard aging and delay appearance of age related heart disease, adult-onset diabetes, and strokes

  • Helps prevent hypo and hyperglycemia

  • Prevents loss of chromium reserves during strenuous exercise

  • During pregnancy, its use protects the mother from depletion of her reserves

  • Used to replace loss during surgery, and the stress of extreme heat or cold

  • Sugar and stress cause chromium loss

  • Part of the Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF), helping to break up and dissolve excessive cholesterol and triglycerides

The USDA reports 90% of people get less chromium than they need.

Multi-Vitamin & Mineral
This vitamin, used in the Transformations clinics, is a super high potency vitamin.

In combination with a fruit and vegetable-rich diet, the benefits are that it is good for complete body health, regulating metabolism and assisting in the release of energy from digested food.

Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Supplement is used for:

  • Complete body health

  • Regulating metabolism

  • Assisting in the release of energy from digested food

Purchased individually:   $30.00
Single Purchase Bundle Price:   $27.00
Subscription Price: $25.00