Losing Fat, Taking Appetite Suppressants and/or Thermogenics Will Have the Side-Effects of Producing Free Radicals and Releasing Stored Toxins from the Fat Cells Being Burned. These Same Released Toxins Hurt the Body's Ability to Metabolize or Break Down More Fat. IN OTHER WORDS, THIS PROCESS HINDERS WEIGHT LOSS RESULTS!


First and foremost, educate yourself about this naturally occurring process. Exercise can make it much easier for the body to rid itself of the offending toxins, and last but crucially important, the best defense for your health and for accelerated weight loss is to take a strong antioxidant. Our own Pycnogenol is an antioxidant that is 50 times stronger than the antioxidants vitamin C and vitamin E. It is one of the strongest antioxidants available, if it is manufactured with high-grade ingredients, such as the ingredients used in our product.


Those individuals undertaking rigorous and stressful programs such as dieting could accelerate their weight loss, as well as feel less fatigue and other discomforts associated with weight loss, by simply adding antioxidants (Pycnogenol) to their diets!


As you lose weight, your body is forced to burn fats. Fat burning creates metabolic waste products, which include ketones and lipid peroxides. Peroxides are themselves free radicals. Perhaps even more damaging are the oil-soluble toxins and pesticides from the industrial environment, which collect in the body’s fat stores. These include residues of DDT, PCB’s, linden, chlordane and other noxious chemicals. All of these stored toxins are released as you lose weight by burning fats. Many of these toxins are directly implicated as damaging to the body’s ability to metabolize fats for energy, as well as promoting the formation of free radicals themselves.

All of the waste products of fat metabolism, as well as the toxins and pesticides released through dieting will not contribute to your everyday health. On the contrary, they will interfere with weight loss, as well as leaving you feeling tired. You should also know that the use of Appetite Suppressants and thermogenic aids, both of which tend to speed up the body, would increase the production of free radicals.


First of all, be aware that exercise can make it much easier for the body to remove the contaminants. Also, to increase the body’s ability to metabolize fats for energy, as well as combat the formation and harm caused by the free radicals produced, take a strong antioxidant! At this point in time, there is a massive amount of research which indicates that antioxidants not only battle the free radicals, but also aid in preventing or treating ailments such as arthritis, cancer, diabetes and heart disease. The extract of pine bark known as Pycnogenol is an antioxidant that is 50 times stronger than the vitamin antioxidants such as C & E.

We recommend PYCNOGENOL® to contribute to your everyday health, as well as aid your body's ability to break down fat!

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