Three great products, one great price!

At a glance:

  • Appetite Suppressant Plus - Save 10%

  • M.E. Free - Save 10%

  • M.E. X-Celerator - Free Sample

Bundle Details:

  • 1 Small bottle of M.E. X-Celerator. (28 Count)

  • 1 large bottle of Appetite Suppressant Plus (90 Count)

  • 1 large bottle of M.E. Free (124 Count)

Purchased individually: $115.00
Bundle Price:   $85.50
A savings of:   $29.50

The Bundle Breakdown:


For individuals who:

  • Have reached a plateau in weight loss

  • Have a slow metabolism

  • Want to increase weight loss results

  • Take Metabolic Enhancer or Metabolic Enhancer “Free”

  • Take hCG and/or Appetite Suppressant


For Individuals who want:

  • A Powerful Metabolic Stimulator (Doubles the rate at which you burn fat)

  • Help in converting fat, causing weight loss

  • Help in blocking the absorption of carbohydrates and starchy foods

  • Long term energy

  • Appetite Suppression

  • A feeling of fullness

  • A great mood enhancer


  • Extremely Effective in promoting the healthy loss of excess body fat

  • Improves vitality

  • Helps maintain lean body mass

  • Weight Management

  • Suppresses the appetite

  • Boosts the metabolism

  • Burns more calories

  • Provides higher levels of energy

Purchased individually: $115.00
Bundle Price:   $85.50
A savings of:   $29.50